My Mission!

Support Small Business


 Establish a committee consisting of small business owners to determine the best way to promote small business growth in our area. These committee members will help to represent other small business owners in the community. The committee members will consist of about 10 business owner within the community and the committee selection would be chosen randomly. This selection process would prevent just special interest groups and good ole' boys from running the committee. The duties of the committee would be to come up with ideas and feedback for the commissioners on how small businesses could be better supported in Columbia County. I would also like to work with the other commissioners to lower small business tax in Columbia County. 

Stop Wasteful Spending & ELIMINATE All Unnecessary Taxes


 Stop the wasteful spending of tax dollars that are forcefully paid by my constituents! I will work harder than anyone to lower taxes in the county and unless I believe it is in the will of my constituents, I will not vote in favor of passing any budget or ordinance without first eliminating all unnecessary tax they may have attached with them. I will research current budgets to see what is absolutely necessary and propose cutting out everything that is not. Some taxes I would like to lower would be property tax, vehicle registration, sales tax and much more. 

Support for the Second Amendment (NO EXCEPTIONS)


We have chosen to make Columbia County a Sanctuary City for the 2nd Amendment! Your previous Commissioner stated that he would agree with the government banning certain weapons and also would allow your weapons to be taken away. I will continue to fully support the rights of everyone I represent and above all uphold the constitution. 

The Kyle Green Scholarship Fund


I’m proud to announce a local scholarship fund that I will be personally funding if elected as your District 1 County Commissioner in Columbia County. Commissioners make a yearly salary of $44,950, I have decided to dedicate $10,000 each year (out of my personal salary) that I serve as your commissioner ($40,000 for my whole 4 year term.) This will be just one of the many ways I will be giving back to the community if elected. This scholarship will assist in helping further the education of youth and other deserving individuals in our community and will be awarded based on determining factors. Each person that receives the scholarship will be awarded $1000 to go towards either a vocational technical program, semester classes or even school supplies but I’d like to keep it all local and partner with Florida Gateway College. This means we will be able to help 40 students further their education while I’m in office! I will also have a group of people that will help with the selection process on who gets the scholarships. These scholarships will not just be handed out either, the person that receives it will either write an essay or have certain qualification standards they must meet such as minimum grades. I will however make sure those with learning disabilities also have a chance to receive the scholarship.

Invest In Our Youth


Work with community leaders to fund summer programs and after school programs for youth at the Richardson Community Center and invest in more opportunities for our children. Our children need things to occupy their time which also keeps them out of trouble. I would like to focus on community projects like this and many others.

Provide Services For Individuals With Disabilities


Work to bring businesses to our county that are centered around individuals with disabilities. I’d do this by focusing on sensory-friendly events within our community, I would meet with local families that have children with disabilities to see what we could do to better accommodate them and I would work hand in hand with the companies focused on individuals with disabilities that are willing to open in Columbia County.

Mental Health Awareness


Focus more on mental health in our community. I want to work with the local Department of Health and Meridian as well as local therapists to determine how we can provide better and more affordable mental health care to those that seek treatment in Columbia County.

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